Evidentia is a partner of Tramedautore 2017 – Piccolo Teatro di Milano

We are a management consulting firm. What do we have in common with a theatre festival? Focus on the contemporary, the study of human relations, awareness of the different languages of communication, the desire to “contAnimarsi” (contamination/animation).

For this reason, we are partners in Tramedautore 2017, the International Festival of Drama at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano. We will attend the opening night of 13 September, where the show “I think it’s Spring outside”, from the book by Conchita De Gregorio, will be presented. It tells the true story of the suffering and redemption of a woman who manages to rediscover herself, and the meaning of life, after a terrible tragedy. We wanted to collaborate in the realisation of this evening because so much of this story resonates in us and in our approach to the world. The centrality of emotions that are never banal, endurance and the need for resilience, the recognition of the consuming drudgery of stereotypes, the desire – however – to “be” and to rediscover one’s own dimension of true life and happiness.

For us who work with people in companies, so many points for reflection, focus, and respect.