Contanimationi 2018


Palazzo delle Stelline, 11 May 2018, Milano


“Enlightening, stimulating, motivating and creative. You have given us instruments, testimonials and many points for reflection – both concrete and philosophical – on good practices.”

“It has been very helpful, not only from a cognitive but also emotional point of view… Some meetings can become the turning point to take the road you already knew you should choose”

“It was a very pleasant experience, it gave me the knowledge that my good is food and nourishment for the good of all and vice versa, in a virtuous circle”

“It was enlightening”
“Many ideas and pointers, personal as well as professional”

“A good mix of testimonials: an academic, an international guest, an entrepreneur”

“I learned a lot”

“A really generative meeting”

It was a success!




Thank you for participating or for having followed us from a distance.


Here you can download the materials of the event

Leonardo Becchetti – Successo come impatto sociale e non solo profitto. Modelli e indicatori


Gijs Van Wulfen – How to catch success through innovation

Gallery Contanimazioni 2018

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