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Maria Vittoria Colucci


For the past 20 years, I have been working with organisations and people to promote their development and to accompany their change. Graduated in Business Administration, Bocconi MBA, Executive counsellor and coach. I started working as a Marketing and Organisation Consultant and became fascinated by the stories and experiences of people when working on their support and empowerment. I believe that individuals affect evolution and change, and that is why I work on their full expression, well-being and competence.
I am mother of two little girls and have experienced the need to combine what is often seen in opposition and conflict. With Evidentia I want to contribute to a culture of sustainability in organisations, supporting women and men in the choice of their personal harmonious balance by finding new, happier and productive ways of working, together.

Anna Forciniti


Management consultant for 20 years, in customer and business management roles with industry leaders. Economist, with focus on start-up and non-profit. WABC™ Certified Executive coach. Mom. Dreamer. In love with beauty.
Always all together, although not always in the same order.
I like working on development and organisational change by building bridges: between people and organisations, between the numbers of business and the embellishments of culture , between a company and the contemporary world that engulfs it.
Because, for me, curiosity is the real engine of change, and people find full expression for their talents if put in the right conditions to create connections and bring together the various dimensions that make up their lives.
It is in the intersections that we discover innovation.
Evidentia is the place where my integrated vision becomes an everyday operational model. The place to combine precision and lightness, business and beauty, life and work.

Letizia Migliola


I cultivate vegetables in the countryside and people’s talents in organisations. The process is analogous: constant care, competence, passion. I have been involved in people development for  27 years, and spent many years in companies in management roles, and as Director of the Corporate University of an important Italian industrial group.
Then I discovered that I want to make a concrete contribution to the search for a different and more satisfactory way of working, not from within an organisational context but by creating it.
With Evidentia, I have freed my curiosity about the world, the desire to innovate, and the pleasure of working in harmony and with joy.

Laura Rossi


Theatre and Philosophy have been my life’s passion and field of specialisation for a long time, and now they have made a comeback through my way of supporting the professional development of people in companies. Alongside this, as Executive ICF Coach, I dedicate myself to the development of female talent, and all the various aspect of individual and organisational well-being and leadership. The objective being to succeed in getting others to work, in the way I like, with professionalism and lightness. Evidentia for me is a place of shared creation, exchange, and comparison of ideas. It is the stage on which to represent new and different ways of doing business to companies and people. It is my energy transformed into reality, the reality of professional accomplishment.

via Carducci, 26 - Milano

Maria Vittoria Colucci: (+39) 340 3539300
Anna Forciniti: (+39) 340 9947095
Letizia Migliola: (+39) 335 8279972
Laura Rossi: (+39) 347 8476775